Anker 3ft PowerLine Micro USB Cable - Black, A8132H12

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HIGH-SPEED CHARGING Thanks to its high-quality make, this Anker Powerline microUSB cable delivers a safe and fast charge. It is designed with a thick wire gauge that reduces resistance and increases efficiency, thereby enabling your smart devices to charge at their maximum speed. UNRIVALED DURABILITY This Anker microUSB cable has a lifespan of more than 5000 of bends, so you can rest assured about its ruggedness and durability. The connector material of this cable is formed using a soft and hard PVC to ensure durability. Also, the connector is compact enough to fit most case cutouts, so you do not have to remove the case while charging. This micro USB cable uses bulletproof aramid fiber to provide much more tensile strength than other cables. Furthermore, the dual layer sheathing reduces
The Anker Powerline microUSB cable allows for fast charging. This Anker microUSB cable boasts double nylon-braiding and precision laser welding.The Anker A8132H12 PowerLine microUSB Cable delivers fast and safe charging of devices. This cable has reinforced stress points that make it extremely durable and strong enough to withstand more than 5000 bends. With laser-welded connectors toughened aramid fiber core, this cable has superior toughness from end-to-end. This Anker microUSB cable is designed with premium materials that ensure more reliable charging and longer lasting life than almost all the other conventional microUSB cables. Furthermore, it is designed with a thick wire gauge to reduce resistance and ensure maximum charging speed. You can easily fit this cable inside the pouch when your phone is placed close to the wall charger to avoid cables trailing across the work desk. The Anker A8132H12 PowerLine microUSB cable sports a black finish.
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